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In The Community

 A Letter from Tom Patterson, Owner                                                                  CURRENT NEWS


When  starting  this  company,  I  sat  down and thought

about  the  things  that  makes  a  business  successful. 

Words  like  honesty,  integrity,  and   compassion  kept

coming  up.   Those   words   meant  a  lot  to  me,  and

are  traits  I wanted  to  display  through  this company. 

Honesty  and  integrity,  those  two traits  would be easi-

ly shown  through  the  high quality employees  I would 

hire  and   the  high  standard  that  I  would  hold  them

to, day in and out.  But, compassion? 


After close  to  20  years  of  experience  in the HVAC  in-

dustry,  there  are  probably only a  handful of situations

 I could  recall  where the  company  I worked for  show-

ed   compassion  for  a  person  or   the  community.  It 

made   me   really   question   why.   The  answer,   just 

being   too   consumed   with   making   the    company 

profitable,   bigger,   more,   more,   more.   Well,   what 

does   that   say   about   not   only   the  company,  but 

you    as    a    person?   That's    when   I   decided   we 

would  not  follow  that  stereotype! 


From  inception,   I  wanted  this  company  to  care  ab-

out  the  bigger  picture.   We  will  start   small;   partici-

pate   in   community   events   for   a   couple   different

charities,  have   special   offers   for   people  in   public

service, military, etc. 


I   believe   everything  is  reciprocal.   If we do our  part

in   the   community,  the  community  will  see  us   for 

what    we   TRULY   are.........Honest,   Full  of  Integrity,

and Compassionate.


Warmest Regards,




Tom Patterson

Owner, Carolina Heating & Air Design





      Join Team MS6 sponsored by Carolina Heating

      & Air Design  in Walk  MS Charlotte on May 19. 

      Our goal  is to raise  $1,000.00 for the Multiple

      Sclerosis Society of the Greater Carolinas. 

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