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 Indoor Air Quality


  You Could Be Your Own Worst Enemy

Did you know that your daily life style can have a huge im-

pact on your families health?  Everyday house hold items

such as cleaning product, sprays, and even pets can have

an impact on your heating and cooling and air qualty in your

home.  Almost everything in your home can be a source of

air pollution such as damp carpet, plumbing leaks, can

cause mold and that mold produces mold spores that go

directly into the air. Pretty scary stuff, but if you have a

well designed heating and cooling system that is inspected

on a regular basis, your system can handle it with no




Just What The Doctor Ordered:

Indoor Air Quality Professional of

Carolina Heating and Air Design

 Now that we have talked about your indoor health quality

 let’s talk about what you need to look for to see if your

 family is being affected by poor air quality in your home. 

 If you notice that you or your family are suffering from any

 of the following symptoms.  You should call to schedule a

 total inspection of your heating and cooling system. Since

 an inspection is needed anyway you just might save a lot

 of money on medical bills as well. Many times the follow-

 ing symptoms are sometimes totally eliminated by a sing-

 le service call from Carolina Heating &

 Air Design:

• sneezing
• coughing
• shortness of breath
• fever
• dizziness
• headache
• fatigue
• poor concentration
• dizziness
• nausea
• dry throat
• shortness of breath or bronchial asthma
• irritation and infection of respiratory tract
• nasal problems (stuffiness, irritation)
• skin problems (dryness, irritation, rashes)

         What is IAQ?


    IAQ is the abbreviation for

    indoor door Air Quality.  Indoor

   air quality is defined as the how

   healthy the air is in your home.

   Think of Indoor Air Quality as an

   index to determine the quality of

   the air you breathe as well as

   your families general health.  Is

   it important?  You bet!



 What causes bad IAQ?


    Only a professional can tell you

    that.  For sure your air quality

    will get worse if you do not have

    your heating a cooling system

    checked on a regular schedule.

    Many factors can affect the air

    you breath, such as a improper

    ventilation plan, lack of temper-

    ature regulation, and improper

    humidity levels can give your

    home poor air quality. There are 

    the things that only a profes-

    sional can determine.



        Carolina Heating &

                       Air Design


    We can make sure you have prop-

    per ventilation, dehumidification to

    prevent bacteria growth, and have

    proper filtration; your home’s IAQ

    should help keep you healthy and





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